08 November 2010

A and E, IOU

Yes, therapy is all about touchy feely. It's obvious, I know, but I've noticed it in more ways than one recently with all of the endless reading I'm in the middle of.

I used to go crazy as an editor correcting reporters on "effect" and "affect" - effect being a noun and extremely common in news writing and affect being almost solely verb in news and extremely rare. But these days, "affect" is a big old noun, over and over and over.

Affect practically shows up in every paragraph of every study and/or article that's been handed to me.

Why am I rambling on about this? Perhaps I'm still connecting my old career to my new one. I read a lot about the effects of such and such, but these days I'm working to affect change.

And that is about to start very soon. I've set my voicemail at the office, put in my office hours and availability and now I'm waiting for my first client.

Another little link between the past and future is ensure and insure. I don't know why all these therapist/writers are using "insure," especially since managed care and therapy aren't so friendly, when they mean "ensure," which I hope they are doing for their clients' sake!

So I'll be checking my voicemail in the morning to see if there's a first client assignment yet. I can say just having that first client assignment will affect me with anxiety, I'm sure, and I'll do everything I can to ensure it's eased by appointment time.

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